More with Less

Our story

At EOScale Modular Homes, more with less is not just the concept, it is our guiding philosophy, reflecting our unwavering dedication to putting the human being first. We are dedicated to crafting living spaces that prioritize your well-being and offer a comfortable lifestyle. We are committed to creating synergy between humans, space, and the environment. With our captivating designs, we emphasize the interrelation of all elements and our dedication to sustainability. We take pride in offering a unique and comfortable living experience, with a focus on interior space and overall comfort.

By striving to achieve this, we harness cutting-edge technology and innovation to create efficient, sustainable living spaces that prioritize the well-being and comfort of the individuals who call our homes their own.

Our journey

EOScale was established with the purpose of simplifying the process and bringing to life the concept of a truly exceptional living space that is both human- and environment-friendly. Our journey began with a unique idea, and we sought a name that would perfectly embody our vision. After extensive linguistic research, we found inspiration in the Greek goddess "EOS", which signifies the break of dawn and the start of a new day. This concept aligns perfectly with our mission to bring a fresh, harmonious perspective to home design. Additionally, "SCALE" represents our action-oriented approach, as we believe that paying attention to proportions and patterns is vital for creating spaces that resonate with the human mind.

Golden ratio

To ensure optimal development and meet diverse needs, we grounded our design process in the principles of mathematics, particularly the Golden ratio. This timeless ratio, found in nature's beauty, shapes the proportions of our homes, resulting in visually appealing and efficient living spaces that promote a sense of harmony and balance.

Golden ratio

EOScale module

At EOScale, our visual identity is deeply rooted in the idea of interconnectedness, symbolized by the Flower of Life. This ancient symbol reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Just as a human being is composed of cells following an organizational pattern, our homes are like organisms formed by multiplying the basic cell - the EOScale module. This circular relationship, influenced by the Golden ratio, exemplifies the harmony we strive to achieve in every aspect of EOScale.

EOScale module
From sunrise to sunset

From sunrise to sunset

We want to bring out genuine emotions and foster a strong connection with the surroundings from within the interior space. Our homes embrace the natural daily cycle, from sunrise to sunset, evoking happiness, contentment, peace, love, and security. Our homes are designed to optimize natural light and provide breathtaking views.

Treat your senses to the beauty

Join us on this harmonious journey, where comfortable living spaces and care for the environment coexist seamlessly. Experience the beauty and balance of EOScale homes, designed with you and the planet in mind. Let's create a better future together, where human wellbeing and nature thrive in perfect harmony.

Welcome to EOScale!


We are passionate about transforming any vision of home into reality, exceeding every expectation with exceptional quality and service.