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The Balance home celebrates the mornings, the middays, and evenings of your days. 

Size:49m2 Welcomes:2 - 4 people

The closed and clearly divided layout of the functional zones consists of three key units: living room, kitchen with dining room, and bedroom, whereas the bathroom is designed as an auxiliary, the fourth unit.

The complete composition is made of 3 modules and an entrance platform in front of the house. Balance home revolves around a central point, a symbol of precise harmony that beautifully aligns with the cardinal directions - east, south, west, and north. Each cardinal orientation plays a vital role in creating a complete day. In this unique design, every volume houses specific functions catering to the human need for sunlight and offering a symphony of living experiences throughout the day.



Embrace the morning light and evening encounters

The sleeping area gracefully embraces the eastern orientation, where inhabitants awaken gently to the morning sun. As sunlight enters the interior at a low angle, it infuses the atmosphere with a tranquil glow, setting the perfect tone for the start of the day. 

The living area, facing south, artfully welcomes sunlight, inviting it to dance throughout the space without overwhelming the interior. The dining area finds its place in the west, offering a serene evening encounter with the setting sun. Balance home allows you to embrace the complete cycle of daylight, creating a profound connection with nature's rhythms. A fixed glass wall acts as both a boundary and a connection, symbolizing the passage of time and the link between individuals, their environment, and the ever-changing world. 

Main features

  • Exterior models 4
  • Interior models 4
  • External dimensions 12.8m x 9.7m
  • Indoor height 255cm
  • Size 49m2
  • Welcome 2 - 4 people
  • Smart system yes (optional)
  • Envelope insulation 0,13 w/m2k
  • Delivery months 2 - 3 months

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